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To My Angry Muslim Brother

Friday, September 21st, 2012

If you are a Muslim and are angry about things being said about Islam, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), or our ummah, please watch the videos below.

If you are a non-Muslim and you are asking yourself, “What’s up with these Muslims? Why are they so angry? Why are they so violent?”, please watch these videos.

The first one is short, just under 5 minutes. The second one is a little longer, but completely worth it.

#Muhammad – When They Insult Our Prophet (PBUH):

To My Angry Muslim Brother:

Patience In The Face Of Ignorance And Abuse

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

While some clamor that they have a right to free speech, they seem to ignore the the responsibility of appropriate speech and the responsibility of protecting the rights of others.

What you are about to see, of course, does NOT reflect the views or actions of most Christians or Americans… just a few unfortunate ones. Rather than focusing on their actions, though… focus on the man praying. Rather than complaining about the actions of others, focus on what you can do.

“Have you seen the one who forbids a servant when he prays? Tell me if he (the one praying) is upon guidance or enjoins righteousness.

Tell me, if he (the one forbidding the worshiper) denies and turns away. Does he not know that God sees. Nay, if he does not desist, We (God) shall surely drag him by his forelock. The forelock, lying and sinful.

So, let him call his supporters. We shall call the angels of torment. Nay, do not obey him, and (instead) prostrate, and draw closer (to God).” Qur’an (96:9-19)

The man in the video below is standing before his Lord – the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. The actions of those trying to abuse him are insignificant when there is khushoo’ and sincerity in that realization.

Please don’t feel sorry for this man. Feel sorry, instead, for those around him. It is they who are distracted and deluded.

May Allah (God) reward this patient man. Ameen.

Early Muslims faced far worse than this. And when the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) faced similar abuse, he responded with patience and gentleness. We all know the example of when people threw goat entrails on him while he was praying. We all remember the story of how he (peace be upon him) responded to the trash in his path every single day.

The Madness of a Lost Society

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Most people know something is wrong. They… no, we… feel it in our gut.

Unfortunately, though, most of us are distracted, so we tend not to see it. And when we do see it, if we don’t understand it, we tend to move to something that is easy to understand… something emotionally easier to handle. It’s easier to blame them. It’s easier to have a scapegoat or to look to someone who is far worse off than ourselves. Rather than trying to understand what is happening.

Watch this video about what is happening to the fabric of American society.

The Arab Spring, the riots in London and Greece, the bailouts of governments by the European Central Bank, the wars in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and the countless other places we have invaded have nothing to do with al-Qaeda or Muslim extremists or loose immigration laws or any other convenient “other”. These things have to do with our financial system and the control of resources. Until you wake up to that fact, you will continue to feel that dull ache in your belly. When you get a moment of stillness, you will quietly wonder what is happening, until something comes along and distracts you yet again.

Ron Paul on the Stage Being Set for Violence in the US

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Ron Paul on being asked about the Emergency Centers Establishment Act (H.R. 645):

Video courtesy of MN Change

Rage Against The Fed? – Tens of Thousands March in L.A.

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

You will see protest after protest in many major cities. More is yet to come and all of them will not be as peaceful, unfortunately.

The global economy is on the edge of a cliff – deflation in some markets, high inflation in others – as our government nears default on its debt and the Federal Reserve continues to spew currency, things are going to get much worse.

The tragedy is that most people do not understand why or what is at the heart of the problem. You will see many protests and at first, they will appear disjointed. At first, it will seem like the events are dealing with totally different issues. Those people protesting outside of a Muslim fundraising event for battered women’s shelters, the Wisconsin workers upset over the attack on unions and pensions, the people rising up and taking over their governments in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, etc, the protests in Greece, etc.

All seem to have a slightly different angle, but the root is the corrupt monetary system.

These protests are going after single issues, not the broader based foundation. In some cases they’re protesting against scapegoats (Latin immigrants, Muslims, etc) and in others they’re protesting some of their benefits that have been revoked. And in countries abroad, the main issue has been food prices as the initial spark.

These things aren’t separate, though. Every protest you see, ask yourself, “How is this related to the last few I heard about? What’s the link?”

And if you happen to be going to a protest or just want to get the word out there, check out the financial crisis humor store at

Chicago Protests Completely Ignored By Media

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Now, hey… Most of you know that I’m no fan of the far right or the far left for that matter… (I’m like morally on the right, culturally & foreign policy on the left, and probably financially radical… so no party represents how I feel or think… but I digress)

Chicago protesters voiced concerns over bailouts and how the financial situation is being addressed. It was completely ignored by mainstream media.

Anyway, although I am no fan of the far right, that a protest of this magnitude in downtown Chicago was ignored by the media is an injustice. There were some other parts of the political spectrum in there as well (since most people were never told why bailouts are viewed as necessary… most of us oppose them)

Here’s the link: Chicago Protests

Instead of ignoring the protest, engage it… address it… answer peoples’ concerns. It’s impossible to please all of the people all of the time, but at least listen to and honestly consider their concerns. If you still think your stance is correct, well, at least you reflected on it.

Ignoring the concerns either depresses or radicalizes people. It certainly doesn’t win their trust.

Here’s the link: Chicago Protests

Let me just say this… Obama inherited a horrible situation. I wouldn’t want his job, because I’d never sleep at night (I’d probably be awake vomiting between prayers… the responsibility is immense… I hope he feels it. And I wish he would read and reflect on the inaugural address of Abu Bakr (the first khaleefah after the death of the Prophet, alayhis-salaam)… I’ll find the translation & post it in a day or two, insha’Allah.

** Footnote: BTW – Just so you don’t think I’m some whacko that will take matters into his own hands… I said “financially radical” because I think interest is included in the usury of the Old Testament and riba mentioned in Qur’an. Interest-based economies are what I take issue with.