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Media Distraction – Hurricane Irene Hype

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

Whenever something becomes the news story of the week, be it Casey Anthony, the NFL labor talks, or any other non-issue, I tend to ask the following questions, “What is not being reported?” “What is being left out?” “What should I be concerned with?”

Well, here’s a video where someone compares the coverage of “Hurricane” Irene and Hurricane Earl from less than a year prior. If you can ignore the fact that he doesn’t care about what’s behind him in his videos, what he says is interesting. He’s calling it “Hurricane Not-Qaddafi”, implying that the media distraction is intended to pull attention away from NATO’s illegal efforts in Libya and the extensive misrepresentation of what exactly is taking place there.

However, there are other things to divert our attention away from:

  • That somehow it’s okay that a sovereign nation’s assets were frozen and later given to the people overthrowing that government (Can you imagine for a second if China did that to the rioters in Greece or London? How do you think that would be represented on our news outlets?)
  • That Ron Paul should be winning the Republican nomination
  • That the dollar is collapsing
  • That Israel is meddling in Iran, Syria, and slaughtering people in Gaza
  • Etc, etc

But I digress… on to the “hurricane” “coverage”.