There is a global financial crisis upon us. You're seeing rising food prices, collapsing currencies, and Muslims as scapegoats. Don't fall for it. Read DNN News for one Muslim's perspective. It's biased, but you know the bias. Filter as you wish.

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2012 – The Year Of Living Dangerously

Monday, January 9th, 2012

There is an article posted on The Burning Platform, entitled 2012 The Year of Living Dangerously. It has a great analysis of why we are we are right now and where we are going.

Here’s an excerpt:

Financial Crisis 2012 - End Times Sign“…[the] core elements that created this Crisis and the reaction of generational cohorts to the implications of debt, civic decay and global disorder will drive all the events that will occur in 2012 and for as far as the eye can see. Linear thinkers in mega-corporations, mainstream media and Washington D.C. focus on retaining the status quo, their power and their wealth. They believe an economic recovery can be manufactured through monetary manipulation and Keynesian borrowing and spending. They are blind to the fact that history is cyclical, not linear. In order to have an understanding of what could happen in the coming year, it is essential to keep the big picture in focus. As we enter the fifth year of this twenty year Crisis period, there is absolutely no chance that 2012 will see an improvement in our economy, political atmosphere or world situation. Fourth Turnings never de-intensify. They exhaust themselves after years of chaos, conflict and turmoil. I can guarantee you that 2012 will see increased mayhem, riots, violent protests, recessions, bear markets, and a presidential election that will confound the establishment.”

– an excerpt from The Burning Platform (January 8, 2012)

Read the full article here: The Burning Platform

In extreme situations, people will do extreme things. We (Muslims), unfortunately, will be the scapegoats. Don’t get me wrong, some “Muslims” will do some pretty stupid things, some pretty extreme things, because they too are pushed to extreme circumstances.

But there is opportunity…

(a) We can learn from articles such as the one above to prepare.

(b) When we are prepared, we are in a better situation to help our families, and our neighbors (Muslim and non-Muslim) when they are in need.

(c) When we are prepared, we can respond more appropriately to ignorance. We can take a moment to understand that as we are made into scapegoats, and people are suffering hardship, some will fear Muslims, some will mistreat Muslims. But if you are prepared – not just financially, physically, and emotionally, but also – spiritually, you will be in a better position to respond as Islam calls us to respond… with gentleness, kindness, and understanding. After all, you will not be asked about how people treated you. You will be asked how you treated them.

(d) The world is witnessing the collapse of riba-based economies. God forbade riba (interest/usury) in the Old Testament, Jesus (peace be upon him) obeyed the Law and also turned over the riba/money-changer tables in the Temple in the New Testament, and God forbade the riba in the Last Testament (the Qur’an). This is a wonderful opportunity to bring the world back to the faith-based, honest, just, and God-decreed monetary systems of the past.

Wall Street Protests

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

This a’int America is it?

It sure is. Watch this video of people exercising their Constitutional right to dissent. Pay close attention to the women behind the orange police barricade. They are armed with nothing but their presence and their words. Yet they are the ones sprayed with mace/pepper spray by the police. For what?

Here’s a quote from the YouTube Channel that posts this video:

While on a peaceful march near Union Square in downtown Manhattan, multiple female protestors were penned up in the street by orange mesh baricade, then maliciously maced.

The women were peaceful and unarmed. They were secured by barricade with an overwhelming police presence. And they were then sprayed directly in the face with pressurized mace…

WeAreTheOther99 continues to peacefully occupy Lower Manhattan to begin a dialogue with the Top 1% with the goal of a peaceful transition of power back to the People.

This can no longer be stopped. But be advised, this will not be televised…

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t see this on the news.

This is only the beginning folks… Combine a failing economic system, with a very small cadre of beneficiaries, with a pervasive entitlement mentality, in an election year… and you get a mess.

The Madness of a Lost Society

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Most people know something is wrong. They… no, we… feel it in our gut.

Unfortunately, though, most of us are distracted, so we tend not to see it. And when we do see it, if we don’t understand it, we tend to move to something that is easy to understand… something emotionally easier to handle. It’s easier to blame them. It’s easier to have a scapegoat or to look to someone who is far worse off than ourselves. Rather than trying to understand what is happening.

Watch this video about what is happening to the fabric of American society.

The Arab Spring, the riots in London and Greece, the bailouts of governments by the European Central Bank, the wars in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and the countless other places we have invaded have nothing to do with al-Qaeda or Muslim extremists or loose immigration laws or any other convenient “other”. These things have to do with our financial system and the control of resources. Until you wake up to that fact, you will continue to feel that dull ache in your belly. When you get a moment of stillness, you will quietly wonder what is happening, until something comes along and distracts you yet again.

If You Own GLD, You Don’t Own Gold

Monday, September 5th, 2011

“Gold is in a bull market but central bankers do not want the public to buy physical gold and silver to hedge against inflation and deflation or hyperinflation.”

Here are some sources I trust:

  • Gold Money – overseas vault storage and allows you to withdraw in other currencies
  • APMEX Gold and Silver
  • Golden Eagle Coins – or any local coin collector, really
  • Gold Silver – a good source of info and you can buy precious metals (but it’s a tad pricier)
  • Again, I would NOT touch ETFs like GLD at all. Stay far, far away.

Although some Brothers and Sisters expressed concern about citing fatawa (Jazakum Allahu khairun to all of you), but there is a big misunderstanding. does not allow you to pay now and actually get the gold later. Instead, you are transferring money into your account. It lives in your account much like your (fake, fiat) dollars live in a bank account now. Once the dollars are in your GoldMoney account, you can then buy gold, silver, palladium, or platinum with it. The moment you buy it, it is yours. Granted, you are not touching it when you buy it, but there is no time delay.

Here is the fatwa cited:

And here is one of the comments (from an anonymous reader): “My friend, be careful when dealing with these gold websites. I am not in a position to say this because I do not know any fatwas related to this but from my knowledge when trading in gold the transaction must happen immediately, the money payed and the gold received, otherwise it is not lawful. Please look further into this because I don’t know whether ETF’s are halal or haram.”

Again, jazakAllahu khairun for your comments. I advise all of you to consider owning gold, but to look into the Islamic rules regarding the proper way of doing so. Allah knows best.

Ron Paul on the Stage Being Set for Violence in the US

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Ron Paul on being asked about the Emergency Centers Establishment Act (H.R. 645):

Video courtesy of MN Change

Media Manipulation of the Elections – Ron Paul Systematically Ignored

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Like him or not… agree with him or not… Ron Paul is being systematically left out of the GOP primary race. He is the one person in the race who has been consistent throughout his career. Others flip flop. Others completely alter their message for the crowd they’re addressing.

The issues Ron Paul has been bringing up are absolutely essential to a sound economy (the Federal Reserve, debt reduction, war expenditures, etc), to our government (preserving the Constitution, preserving the checks and balances within branches of government, etc), and to freedom, itself (not overstating threats as justification for removing freedoms, etc). Again, you may not agree with him, but at least hear his point of view… at least discuss the issues he is bringing up.

Why isn’t anyone else really discussing the Federal Reserve? Frankly, if he gets elected, I bet his life is in serious danger because of his stance against the Fed and the bankers. But that’s a discussion for a different day. Here’s a clip from Jon Stewart on the Daily Show where he highlights the systematic attempts to silence Ron Paul through the media and through his very own political party:

Learn about Ron Paul for yourself here:

Martial Law in US? – Obama Adding 20,000 Troops Stateside

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Whether it is financial collapse, a false flag terror event, or some other socioeconomic nightmare, it appears as though our government is preparing for something of epic proportions. Maybe it will be rounding up well-intentioned, good-hearted Muslims like me and putting us in internment camps. Or perhaps crime is expected to skyrocket in the face of hyperinflation, higher taxes, and cut services.

Who knows? But anyone who thinks this is a good thing… well, you drank the Kool-Aid.

Rage Against The Fed? – Tens of Thousands March in L.A.

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

You will see protest after protest in many major cities. More is yet to come and all of them will not be as peaceful, unfortunately.

The global economy is on the edge of a cliff – deflation in some markets, high inflation in others – as our government nears default on its debt and the Federal Reserve continues to spew currency, things are going to get much worse.

The tragedy is that most people do not understand why or what is at the heart of the problem. You will see many protests and at first, they will appear disjointed. At first, it will seem like the events are dealing with totally different issues. Those people protesting outside of a Muslim fundraising event for battered women’s shelters, the Wisconsin workers upset over the attack on unions and pensions, the people rising up and taking over their governments in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, etc, the protests in Greece, etc.

All seem to have a slightly different angle, but the root is the corrupt monetary system.

These protests are going after single issues, not the broader based foundation. In some cases they’re protesting against scapegoats (Latin immigrants, Muslims, etc) and in others they’re protesting some of their benefits that have been revoked. And in countries abroad, the main issue has been food prices as the initial spark.

These things aren’t separate, though. Every protest you see, ask yourself, “How is this related to the last few I heard about? What’s the link?”

And if you happen to be going to a protest or just want to get the word out there, check out the financial crisis humor store at

Step 1 – Government to Tap Pension Funds to Cover Debt and Expenses

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Step 1 Government to take money from pension funds – Check

Step 2 Higher taxes on 401K & IRAs disbursements

Step 3 Force people buy treasury bonds (government debt) with their 401Ks & IRAs

Along the way the news will be dotted with distractions… real & made up.

Make sure you check out the details of the pension raid and how to protect your wealth at

Trusted Sources for Buying Gold and Silver

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

I have been asked questions like these a lot lately: “I understand the importance of owning some gold and/or silver. But where do I get them? How do I invest in gold and silver? What about these stock ticker thingies, the ETFs that say they trade gold and silver?”

Well, it would not be appropriate for me to give you financial advice. Your situation is unique and I am not a financial planner, an attorney, or any other kind of financial expert. But what I can do is give you a list of sources I trust. Here it goes:

Gold and silver - real money

  • Gold Money – overseas vault storage and allows you to withdraw in other currencies
  • APMEX Gold and Silver
  • Golden Eagle Coins – or any local coin collector, really
  • Gold Silver – a good source of info and you can buy precious metals (but it’s a tad pricier)
  • Personally, I would touch ETFs with a 10 foot pole.