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Media Manipulation of the Elections – Ron Paul Systematically Ignored

Like him or not… agree with him or not… Ron Paul is being systematically left out of the GOP primary race. He is the one person in the race who has been consistent throughout his career. Others flip flop. Others completely alter their message for the crowd they’re addressing.

The issues Ron Paul has been bringing up are absolutely essential to a sound economy (the Federal Reserve, debt reduction, war expenditures, etc), to our government (preserving the Constitution, preserving the checks and balances within branches of government, etc), and to freedom, itself (not overstating threats as justification for removing freedoms, etc). Again, you may not agree with him, but at least hear his point of view… at least discuss the issues he is bringing up.

Why isn’t anyone else really discussing the Federal Reserve? Frankly, if he gets elected, I bet his life is in serious danger because of his stance against the Fed and the bankers. But that’s a discussion for a different day. Here’s a clip from Jon Stewart on the Daily Show where he highlights the systematic attempts to silence Ron Paul through the media and through his very own political party:

Learn about Ron Paul for yourself here:

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